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I support companies in building a strong and sustainable brand!


With competence and individuality I provide coaching and workshops for companies to excel with a strong and sustainable brand positioning.  Out-of-box thinking and a human-centered approach allow creative and disruptive solutions. My client relationship is characterized by respect and integrity.

Teaching Philosophy

“My philosophy of teaching centers around the sum total of integrating my abilities as a teacher, my students’ and clients’ ability to learn, and the character of the university /company or institution.

As an instructor, I believe there must be a passion beyond the agenda or course outline. In today’s uncertain business climate flexibility and accelerated decision making are paramount to achieving objectives. I utilize real life experience, blended with core course content, to challenge the minds and abilities of my students and clients to reach their full potential.

The character of the university, the company, or the institution is reflected in my abilities to deliver a diverse, well rounded learning environment for which the University’s, the company’s or institution’s reputation and integrity is held in the highest regard.”